I help building-related professionals and property owners go green and get projects done. 

Small to medium size enterprises (SMEs) need to get green improvements done with their current staff and specific outside support, rather than bringing on a dedicated energy or sustainability manager.

I offer advising/coaching, consulting, program support and field services to support property, asset, and facility management staff in getting green programs and projects done. I'm very excited to be developing a suite of 'action-learning' courses and help desk to support those efforts as well. 


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Green Building Advising and Support

Training, advising and support services to help building professionals go green

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Research, Production, Permit Support, Professional Development

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Field Services

Energy/Resource Efficiency Assessment; Photo/video documentation of site/building conditions; Green product/promotion set up and support;

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What is your next best step…

 to improve both your building operations bottom line and environmental footprint?

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I blog about things that inspire me or simply strike my fancy, learning by doing in both cultivating 'sustainability' in facilities and operations and in developing this site as a service center to help get it done.  I'm learning WordPress site development by doing it for myself and others.